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The Meg

Eh!! You wanna big ass shark or don't ya?

Picard: Season Two

Kind of our lost episode. We recorded right after it aired, but kind of forgot we did so. Anyway, with Season Three in our sights, now is as good a time as any.

The Running Man

You can try to run from Arnold, man, but he'll be back.

Imprisoned in Prison: An a "The Prisoner" Prisoncast | Arrival

Regular guest Mark Malek and Matt are taking a close look at Patrick McGoohan's iconic television series. It's sci-fi, or at least a close cousin.

Godzilla (1998)

Starting the year off with a big 'Zilla.

Gremlins (w/ Andrew Shearer)

June was the prime time to release a Christmas movie. Right?

Avatar (w/ Shaun Alexander)

Having a visit with a few of our blue friends.

The Abyss

Are you ready for some Sealab 2022? Spotlight on James Cameron this month.

Repost: Terminator 2

December in the Sanctuary is James Cameron Month! Let's revisit Luke's favourite film of all time.

Repost: The Terminator

A blast from the podcast past to kick off our James Cameron Month!


Bit of a lost treasure from the recently departed Doug Trumbull.

Slaughterhouse Five (w/ Gary Dutton)

We podcasted with the fantastic Gary. And so it goes.

Prey (w/ Shana Leigh)

I was so happy when I was finishing up this episode and my computer said it was "Rendering Prey."

UHF (w/ Andrew Shearer)

I mean, the Sci-Fi Sanctuary is the sort of thing that would show up on "Weird" Al's TV station.

Thunderbirds Are Go! (w/ Jamie Anderson)

This episode comes to you through the power of Supermarionation.

Freddy vs. Jason (w/ Stuart Gipp)

Chatting about your favorite slasher monsters and Destiny's Child this week.

Bram Stoker's Dracula (w/ Mark Malek)

Next year, we'll get to Blacula, but this year, it's Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Event Horizon (w/ Henrique Couto)

thisweekwe'retalkingaboutsatanicsamniell..AND JUMP SCARE!!!

Alien (w/ Jessica Lynn Verdi)

It's time to be October creepy with the apex of sci-fi/horror.


A giant, unstoppable killing machine faces some space alien.

Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe (w/ Charlynn Schmidt)

Heh, heh... heh, heh. We, like, "did" a podcast, or something.

Battle Beyond the Sun

Why battle inside the sun when you can battle beyond it?

Beneath the Planet of the Apes (w/ John Champion)

You may think you know the Monkey Planet, but what lies beneath it!?!?!

Looper (w/ Gordon White)

We talk about what they did right in this movie, and also about what they did to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

"You wanna get the multiverse right, you gotta do it yourself." - Michelle Yeoh and Short Round

Armageddon (w/ Capt. Mike Richards)

You know you can't stop it, so don't rock it. But are you getting it? (Armageddon it!) Ooh, really getting it? (Yes, Armageddon it!)

Contact (w/ Dr. Erin MacDonald)

It's been 25 years since this film adaptation of Carl Sagan's novel hit the screen, and that science vs. faith argument has only gotten louder and more shrill.

Summer Wars

Happy birthday, Grandma Sakae!! We recorded the podcast pretty much in the same spot this Digimon-adjacent anime takes place.

Apollo 13

Sci-Fi Sanctuary, we have a problem.  Cicadas, I guess?Please dig us on Facebook and Twitter, and support this and our other podcasts at our Patreon home of Podcastio ...