Edge of Tomorrow aka Live Die Repeat (w/ Jonathan Liang)

All You Need is Kill!! At least that's the title I'm going with. We say words again and again and again in talking about this sci-fi marine reimagining of Groundhog's Day.

In the guest chair this week is Jonathan Liang, who spent many a car ride around the time of the millenium doing Matt and Jo-Na-Thon's Sci-Fi Sanctuary.  None of that is on tape.  But this is!

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Luke is getting back into extensively talking about monsters, and you will want to hear him here - especially if you are into Monster Hunter:
Or the smaller, Pokemon kind:

Matt and Jonathan used to want to be Death Cab For Cutie, or Modest Mouse, or something.  Here is their almost 20-year-old attempt to do so:
Or listen to Matt (and sometimes Luke) ramble about educational films, experimental films, and weird documentaries here: