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This week Matt and Luke answer the question "What is God?"

Snakes on a Plane (w/ Captain Mike Richards)

...not gonna say the quote...not gonna say the quo..MUTHAF@#KINGS SNAKES ON A MUTHAF@#KING PLANE!!


Are we Oblivion to this movie, or Oblivioff? Are Matt and Luke still an effective team? Listen and find out!!

Upgrade (w/ Mark Malek)

Step into an Upgrade!! . . . . podcast upgraded!

First Spaceship on Venus

Space is king or so I sing - First Spaceship on Venus.


Somehow we've accidently made a mini-series of Lovecraft-inspired sci-fi. This flick fully fits the bill.

Moonraker (w/ Stuart Webb)

Fly me to the Moonraker. Let me play among the Starsraker.


If you want out of your dreary life, gotta trust the Man. Right?.... RIGHT?!?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Move (w/ Dave Bulmer)

Role playing this week. Matt is the old fart that Luke and guest Dave Bulmer drag off to watch the Power Rangers in the cinema.

Star Trek (w/ Jamahl Epsicokhan)

Time to take that trip into the Kelvin-verse. Jamahl Epsicokhan of "Jammer's Reviews" joins us for the Trek. "Jammer's Reviews" has been Matt's go-to source for Trek (along with Battlestar and the Orville) for a quarter century, which makes both of us look old. Do visit, but keep in mind you may get pulled into several hours of reading. https://www.jammersreviews.com/

The Day the Earth Stood Still (w/ Eric Stillwell)

Eric Stillwell returns to the Sanctuary to see how Matt and Luke will score his college paper, wherein he compared this week's movie with "Star Trek: The Motion Picture."

Small Soldiers (w/ Muss)

Luke and Muss are 90’s kids! Meanwhile, Matt had never seen this before.


Nothing like the frozen end of the world for your mid-February

Dark Star

Toot! Toot! Time to board the USS Dark Star and blow up some planets real good!

Enemy Mine (w/ Henrique Couto)

One of the deeper sci-fis of the 80's - whatever it lost in its disastrous box office is more than made up by awesomeness.

The Thing From Another World

Going O.G. with the monstrous aliens this week.

John Carter (w/ Gordon White)

Disney famously fumbled the ball on this one, but there is a lot to love in this space epic, and returning guest Gordon White's magically-minded analysis will likely uncover a few layers of metaphysical Martian soil that you may not have even known was there.

The Animatrix (w/ Jay Moyles)

The Wachowski's love for anime runs wild with this one. While it's a bit of a mixed bag, some of this is quite essential to wrapping your head around the Matrix.

The Matrix Resurrections

No better way to end your Matrix December with a new Matrix movie.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (w/ Andrew Shearer)

Strap in for a rollocking, sci-fi adventure starring Santa Claus... and Martians.

The Matrix Revolutions (w/ Mark Malek)

We admittedly did not get much into robots, kung-fu, and sick sci-fi explosions for our Reloaded episode, so we will proceed to do that now with Mark Malek.

The Matrix Reloaded (w/ Tilly Bridges)

The Wachowskis are well known for their real-life trans journey, and guest Tilly Bridges lays out how the Matrix movies have impressive depths of trans metaphor. This may be the rare case where you should listen to the podcast and then watch the movie.

The Matrix (re-post from March 2020)

We're starting a full month of Matrix, so why not revisit our March 2020 dive into the first film.

"Time Enough at Last" from Matt's "Time Enough Podcast"

Chasing that Twilight Zone movie episode with a visit to Matt's new podcast, "Time Enough Podcast: A Twilight Zone Podcast."

Twilight Zone: The Movie

Matt's getting a new Twilight Zone podcast rolling in December, so it seemed like a good time for the Sanctuary to enter the Twilight Zone.

Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge

We delve into the only real Spider-Man - 70's TV star Nicholas Hammond. Unless Japanese Spider-Man wants to contest that title in a duel.

La Jetee (from Matt's Aural Hygiene podcast)

Matt and frequent Sci-Fi Sanctuary guest Andrew Shearer get into this art film precursor to "12 Monkeys," which we covered last month in our regular feed.

What Dreams May Come (w/ Von Galt)

And we're back to the depressing Robin Williams films. But guest Von Galt is back to shine some light on that from the Buddhist perspective.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (w/ Richie Morgan)

Luke said we had to do this movie while Matt was 42 years old. Guest Richie Morgan showed up to make the podcast more interesting than just that.