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War of the Worlds (1953)

It's episode 100! TIme for Luke to bask in the glow of his childhood home and obsessions. Matt responds with one of the worst stories that came out of World War II.

Prometheus (SWAPCAST with Gordon White from 'Rune Soup')

Gordon White is back along with almost 40 of his premium 'Rune Soup' members who were texting us webinar-style while recording. We delve into this monster of a space opera and then let 'er rip into ancient aliens, faeries, and !BIZARRO! Sealab 2021.

Muppets From Space (w/ Andrew Shearer)

Join us in our search for Gonzo's search to find out what kind of Muppet he is. Not in the British sense of the word.

Quatermass and the Pit (w/ Ken Ammi)

This week we stare into the insectoid eyes of a sci-fi Hammer flick that doesn't shy on the occult. Electrical Satan in the sky.

Men In Black

Nothing is more 1997 cool than Will and Tommy bopping around with weird aliens. Is it still cool now? Of course.

Europa Report

Some hard sci-fi that has been woefully neglected. If you don't already know this one, now you have no excuse but to groove into it.

Cloud Atlas (w/ Gordon White)

If you're not sure what genre of film you want to watch, there's always "Cloud Atlas." Gordon White joins us from the Rune Soup podcast to peer into the magical depths of this flick.

Star Trek: Insurrection (w/ Eric Stillwell)

This week we get into a very underrated Trek with returning guest Eric Stillwell, who was producer Michael Piller's right-hand man through the filmmaking process on this one.

Into the Spider-Verse (w/ Sean Bell)

The best superhero films really are the ones that throw the book out of the window and get away with it. We've brought along animation aficionado and gaming guru, Sean Bell, to work it on out with us.

Dune (w/ Craig Campobasso)

We dive into the old school Dune with Craig Campobasso, who spent four years assisting David Lynch with this epic vision of an epic novel.

Up in Smoke (w/ Tommy Chong)

Matt and Luke had to call up Tommy Chong to get a contact high because there's, like, no weed here in Japan. Our regular hype-man Mark Malek is also in on the call, though Matt fails to properly introduce him.

Throne of Blood

You'd think we would've done more Japanese films by now. Well, here's a massively good one for our cheat month.

Showgirls (w/ Dee Flowered)

Bringing in Dee Flowered, the Doris Day of dropping trou, for our continuing month of films that are not sci-fi.

Harold and Maude (w/ Andrew Shearer)

Some dudes are just into older women, man.

Monster Hunter

Luke is an expert on Monster Hunter, while Matt is pretty sure this movie is based on a game or something.

A Clockwork Orange (w/ Ken Ammi)

Having a bit of the glassies on this viddie. Dystopia police states and mind control are on the menu this week.

Tenet (w/ Dominic Archer)

Matt here. I watched Tenet. I did this podcast about Tenet. I listened to other podcasts about Tenet. Yet, I keep thinking "Gee, I should get around to watching Tenet." Have I done that already?

Edge of Tomorrow aka Live Die Repeat (w/ Jonathan Liang)

All You Need is Kill!! At least that's the title I'm going with. We say words again and again and again in talking about this sci-fi marine reimagining of Groundhog's Day.

Star Trek: First Contact (w/ Rod Roddenberry)

Hey, if you wanna talk Trek, you can't do better than chatting with a Roddenberry. Especially when this is Rod's favorite Trek.

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

We get back to the corner of the sanctuary that has giant robots. The giant robots get Luke ranting about their awesomeness.

Enemy of the State (w/ Tom Secker)

Could we be watching you listening to us after watching this film? We brought in returning guest, Tom Secker of Spy Culture, to try and work this out.


Matt and Luke become Legends in the only way possible - by eating giant sausages and sitting down to watch this Tom Cruise/ Ridley Scott 80's fantasy jam.

Noah (w/ David Mathisen)

Make what you will of this Biblical movie, the point here is to get into star maps and the Flood with guest David Mathisen.

Star Trek Generations

What could be better than Kirk and Picard together on screen at last!?!? Turns out a lot of things can, but we still dig groovy into this passing of the Star Trek torch.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (w/ John Champion)

Travel back with us to that halycon year 1979, or take the disco ball forward to the 25th century. It's all groovy hijinks on prime time NBC with one of the greatest space cowboys of them all.

Things to Come

One of Britain's first sci-fi films, released when H.G. Wells was still alive even. We see what things came.

Kong: Skull Island (w/ Jake Rockatansky)

We join Jake Rockatansky for a lighthearted chat about this fantastic monster romp, but end up getting political anyway.

The Creation of the Humanoids (w/ Ken Ammi)

Don't be fooled by the smell of early 1960's sci-fi cheeze - if you dig in you'll find concepts that are not just ahead of its time, but even ahead of Philip K. Dick.

Back to the Future Part II (w/ Taylor Morden)

We get into the next step of Marty McFly's time tripping - all those whiplash time currents that make up this pop culture bonanza. Hoverboards, Pepsi Perfects, and 1989 Trump impersonation fuel this time trip.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (w/ James Farley)

Continuing our trek through Trek this week. Aging actors, creepy mind violations, and knee nuts are among our deep dives for this final voyage of the original cast. Joining us is James Farley, a co-host from the Computer Game Show Podcast. Actual the second of those guys to head into the Sanctuary. You’ll find that podcast here and do dig around on the site for Star Calls, which should certainly resonate with our audience: https://tcgs.co/show/the-computer-game-show/ Please do like, subscribe, and rate on all the things like Facebook, Twitter, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. Wherever you happen to be hearing us, really. Luke is getting back into extensively talking about monsters, and you will want to hear him here - especially if you are into Monster Hunter: https://gintendo-namer.squarespace.com/monster-mash And for more of the music you're hearing here, you heard Matt's sounds at the end of this link: https://rovingsagemedia.bandcamp.com/album/weapons-of-mass-instruction-2