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Looper (w/ Gordon White)

We talk about what they did right in this movie, and also about what they did to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

"You wanna get the multiverse right, you gotta do it yourself." - Michelle Yeoh and Short Round

Armageddon (w/ Capt. Mike Richards)

You know you can't stop it, so don't rock it. But are you getting it? (Armageddon it!) Ooh, really getting it? (Yes, Armageddon it!)

Contact (w/ Dr. Erin MacDonald)

It's been 25 years since this film adaptation of Carl Sagan's novel hit the screen, and that science vs. faith argument has only gotten louder and more shrill.

Summer Wars

Happy birthday, Grandma Sakae!! We recorded the podcast pretty much in the same spot this Digimon-adjacent anime takes place.

Apollo 13

Sci-Fi Sanctuary, we have a problem.  Cicadas, I guess?Please dig us on Facebook and Twitter, and support this and our other podcasts at our Patreon home of Podcastio ...

Star Wars (w/ John Jackson Miller)

Hey, it's episode #150, and it's time for Star Wars.

Tommy Tells Tales From His Own Twilight Zone (w/ Tommy Chong)

The plan was to do an episode for Matt's Time Enough Podcast, but technical hijinks ensued and we just decided to go whatever the winds blew us. I think it worked out...

Arrival (w/ Neil Gaur)

We should hope we'll experience first contact this well.

Wild, Wild West

It's July 4th weekend and it's still the Willenium - so here you are. You're welcome.

RoboCop (w/ Andi Hamilton)

The Sanctuary finally gets around to discussing "The Robotic Cop."

Multiplicity (w/ Von Galt)

We take a look at this sci-fi comedy starring Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton, and Michael Keaton.

Jurassic Park

We don't get the new Jurassic World in Japan until late July, so we watched some old movie instead.

Stargate (w/ Norman Lao)

We train the Eye of Horus on this somewhat-modest movie that begat a massive franchise.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (w/ Tom Secker)

Fifty-Foot Spock wasn't enough for Leonard Nimoy - he had to be a giant f*#king robot as well.

People Are Alike All Over (from "Time Enough Podcast")

Double dose of space travel this week with Roddy McDowell and Rod Serling.

Bubba Ho-Tep

You wanna Ho-Tep? Gotta Bubba Ho-Tep. Black JFK, an authentic Elvis impersonator, and soul-sucking creatures from the damned.


This week Matt and Luke answer the question "What is God?"

Snakes on a Plane (w/ Captain Mike Richards)

...not gonna say the quote...not gonna say the quo..MUTHAF@#KINGS SNAKES ON A MUTHAF@#KING PLANE!!


Are we Oblivion to this movie, or Oblivioff? Are Matt and Luke still an effective team? Listen and find out!!

Upgrade (w/ Mark Malek)

Step into an Upgrade!! . . . . podcast upgraded!

First Spaceship on Venus

Space is king or so I sing - First Spaceship on Venus.


Somehow we've accidently made a mini-series of Lovecraft-inspired sci-fi. This flick fully fits the bill.

Moonraker (w/ Stuart Webb)

Fly me to the Moonraker. Let me play among the Starsraker.


If you want out of your dreary life, gotta trust the Man. Right?.... RIGHT?!?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Move (w/ Dave Bulmer)

Role playing this week. Matt is the old fart that Luke and guest Dave Bulmer drag off to watch the Power Rangers in the cinema.

Star Trek (w/ Jamahl Epsicokhan)

Time to take that trip into the Kelvin-verse. Jamahl Epsicokhan of "Jammer's Reviews" joins us for the Trek. "Jammer's Reviews" has been Matt's go-to source for Tr...

The Day the Earth Stood Still (w/ Eric Stillwell)

Eric Stillwell returns to the Sanctuary to see how Matt and Luke will score his college paper, wherein he compared this week's movie with "Star Trek: The Motion Picture."